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The Paseda360 National Coaching Awards recognise the best coaching talent across a broad range of coaching disciplines

Introducing ScoreApp, an innovative tool specifically designed to transform the way coaches and consultants turn cold prospects into warm leads. Harness the power of Scorecard Marketing with the world’s first AI quiz builder to qualify leads, educate clients, and benchmark success.

As a coach or consultant, building rapport and establishing trust with potential clients is vital. ScoreApp enables users to generate data-rich, high-quality leads using cutting-edge Scorecard technology. By creating visually appealing quizzes, your business can deliver hyper-personalized content at scale, identifying a customer’s biggest problem or desire (point A) and guiding them towards their desired outcome (point B).

Carefully crafted questions help determine each participant’s overall score, providing tailored, meaningful, and relevant content based on their responses. As a result, ScoreApp not only highlights the value that coaches and consultants offer but also produces powerful data on each customer, enabling custom offers, insights, and targeted ongoing marketing.

In just a few simple steps, you can generate a scorecard concept centered around your ideal customer’s most significant problem or desire. As they answer your chosen questions, the scorecard delivers dynamic results based on their responses, effectively turning prospects into new leads for your coaching business. While not all leads may be ready to buy immediately, the data collected empowers you to provide value through follow-up marketing.

Experience the benefits of ScoreApp today and discover how this innovative platform can revolutionize your coaching practice’s lead generation process. By leveraging Scorecard Marketing, you’ll be able to qualify leads more effectively, educate your clients, and monitor your success with ease. ScoreApp – the ultimate tool for turning cold prospects into warm leads so you can do what you do best, improve their health, relationships, wealth, career, happiness and business.

Our awards ceremony is a unique opportunity to showcase the dedication, skill, and hard work that goes into being a top coach.
From transformational coaches to sports performance coaches, business coaches to wellness coaches, we celebrate coaches from all areas of the industry who have demonstrated excellence in their craft.
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