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The Paseda360 National Coaching Awards recognise the best coaching talent across a broad range of coaching disciplines
Boost Awards’ Top Tips for entering the Paseda 360 National Coaching Awards
By Angela Cox, last updated May 18, 2023

With 11 categories to choose from, it’s highly likely that you have done, or are currently doing, something that could be recognised as award-worthy by the Paseda 360 National Coaching Awards.

But being worthy of an award and actually winning the award are two very different things. Getting shortlisted and making it to the finals isn’t only about what you believe you have done well – it’s primarily about the level of impact your story has had on the judges.

In the following article, we’ll outline eight top tips to ensure that you do yourself justice when you decide to enter this year’s Paseda 360 National Coaching Awards. Not only will these tips help you to maximise your chances of winning, they will also help to make the process of planning and writing the submission much less daunting.

In order to win a category of the Paseda 360 National Coaching Awards, you will have to impress the judges in approximately 1200 words spread across six key questions, which means that it’s vital to choose your words and evidence carefully.

So how do you ensure that your submission stands out from the rest? Here are eight top tips suggested by our team of specialist Award Entry Writers at Boost Awards:


Many a promising award submission has been scuppered by an entrant failing to check an award scheme’s key information. Before you even think about writing the submission, make sure you check the deadline date and time, category eligibility and the general entry rules.

In the case of the Paseda 360 National Coaching Awards 2023, entries will close on 15th Sept 2023. Don’t leave it to the last minute!


Being great is not enough when entering awards, it is all about proving your greatness, which is usually much harder. Imagine yourself in a court of law defending your assertion that you are the best. If you said “customers love our coaching services” what would the opposing council say? “Prove it!” So, do your research and pepper your achievements with pound signs, percentages, numbers, graphs, photos and diagrams. You will find stats and images take a smaller chunk out of the word allocation than rambling unsubstantiated PR waffle, and they are infinitely more likely to be believed.


So much of business is 10% inspiration 90% perspiration (and typically 0% assessment of effectiveness). Award submissions should balance the three. The temptation is to write about what you did, but the judges will be equally (if not more) interested in your research/inspiration and evidence of achievements.


1200 words over six questions is not a lot, but you can quickly find yourself running out of words with plenty of your story left to cover. Before you start writing you should map out your submission, look carefully at each of the questions and how many words you will allow yourself for each. We promise that this will be worthwhile, usually saving you time and effort in the long run.


Judges can spot a copy-paste job a mile off. The best approach is to write it like a story, starting with your planned structure and nothing else. Only when you have the story nailed should you copy the facts, stats, images and evidence across to ensure it’s as well-evidenced as possible.


Get someone as objective as possible to read your draft. Make sure they are not a member of your organisation and make sure they are not familiar with the sort of jargon you use within your sector. The submission should be easy to understand, even for a teenager. There is no excuse for jargon or hard-to-read business-speak.


It sounds self-evident but you will need to be concise and focus entirely on what is being asked, don’t stray off the path with side details and unnecessary tangents that eat into your word count. Also avoid cliches and jargon and make sure you focus on being authentic.


Having spent all that time and effort writing a thorough award entry, it would be a travesty not to use it again. So find some more awards to enter it into – you can see a full list of other awards online free of charge at the Boost’s UK Awards List website.

We hope you find these tips valuable and we wish you the best of luck when entering the Paseda 360 National Coaching Awards 2023!

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand writing an awards submission please feel free to contact the awards experts at Boost 

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